Avoiding Writing

Funny paragraph on avoiding writing from P.J. O’Rouke.  Enjoy!



Structured Procrastination

Editors Note: The link got broken, so I found the same essay in another place. Enjoy!

Recently someone shared with me this excellent (and very funny) essay on “structured procrastination”.

A quick perusal of posting dates on my blog will make it clear that I am a firm believer in structured procrastination.  I have recently begun work on another article in the Genesis series I started some months back, but perhaps it’s to procrastinate work on my novel, which I have actually been writing on prolifically, but that in turn may be simply a way to procrastinate working on my non-fiction book, which in turn I use to procrastinate writing the next article in the Genesis series on this lovely blog!  A vicious cycle!  In the meantime, as you wait for the structured procrastination to work in favor of the next article on this blog, please enjoy: