Facing resistance

Apologies to those who have followed me in the past.  For the past couple years I was swamped with graduate school studies, and thus pretty much gave up my blogging.  I’m now on the other side of that and working a job that requires less travel.  While I’ll miss my frequent jaunts to Asia, I believe an excellent benefit will be more time to give to my creative endeavors including writing.  In an effort to blog more frequently, I think I may try to post shorter reflections more often.

Though my blogs have been largely silent, I have been writing a lot of late. Since completing grad school (where I had built in deadlines to make sure I wrote A LOT), I decided to set myself a goal of writing a minimum of 45 minutes at least 5 days a week.  I don’t always reach my goal, but it has had the result of encouraging me to write a lot, and many days I exceed my goal many times over.

I am working on a book, and I set this goal primarily as a way to combat the resistance that most writers and creative people feel towards doing their most important creative work. The resistance is inexplicable in many ways, because it’s resistance to work we desire to do.  As part of this method of facing my resistance, if I really feel resistance, I allow myself to fulfill my goal by writing for a minimum of 3 hand-written journal pages giving full vent to the resistance I feel.  The results have been powerful.  Repeatedly, when I’ve done this, it has only been a short time before I am back to working on my creative project.

I would be curious to hear others experiences in dealing with their resistance to doing their most important creative work.


Structured Procrastination

Editors Note: The link got broken, so I found the same essay in another place. Enjoy!

Recently someone shared with me this excellent (and very funny) essay on “structured procrastination”.

A quick perusal of posting dates on my blog will make it clear that I am a firm believer in structured procrastination.  I have recently begun work on another article in the Genesis series I started some months back, but perhaps it’s to procrastinate work on my novel, which I have actually been writing on prolifically, but that in turn may be simply a way to procrastinate working on my non-fiction book, which in turn I use to procrastinate writing the next article in the Genesis series on this lovely blog!  A vicious cycle!  In the meantime, as you wait for the structured procrastination to work in favor of the next article on this blog, please enjoy: