Reflections on a Beautiful Day

2017-09-24 17.26.04

This is the only reality:
The ever-present Now.
The sentinels stand with light-dappled leaves.
The watchers drift across the piercing blue.
The witnesses speak and they are not a few.
Their song answers my unspoken questions.
And the gentle caress of the breath of the earth
Soothes my tired soul.

© 2017 Muddart



“Poetery”. I coined this phrase by accident. It was a typo in my first blog. But since I was writing about art including poetry and pottery, I thought poetery might be a new term describing either:

  • Pottery that is visual poetry, OR
  • Poetry that is verbal pottery

I can imagine the first more than the second. I think I’ve seen (and maybe occasionally created) poetery pottery.

But what would poetry that is verbal pottery sound like? Earthy? Fragile? Full of form? Or maybe it would be functional in some way — like a serving bowl is communal? How might one write a poem that feels like a well crafted ricebowl in the hands?