Living Hope

This is a flower on my Easter Cactus. The plant it grew on has a special story behind it.

Years ago, I got a clipping from someone. I rooted it, and then planted it. But then for a long, long time nothing happened. The branches of the plant were a dull green, and semi-wilted. They neither thrived nor died.

One day about 20 years ago, as my life was quietly shattering all around me, I sat in my living room and looked at that plant. It seemed so pitiful. Perhaps I identified with it, feeling neither alive nor dead. Quietly, I let out a prayer: “If You can make that plant live, perhaps I could have hope again.”

Not long after, I glanced over at the plant one day, and the branch was spouting another leaf! Soon the little transplanted clipping began to grow. And grow and grow and grow. And then surprisingly one springĀ I looked at it and it had budded, and the buds opened into flowers.

The plant has now been budding and flowering every year for the past 15 years at least. I call it the hope plant. This picture is of its most recent flowering. The flowers are very small and I wanted to capture their delicacy up close. I took a number of pictures of these flowers but this one came out especially nice because of the dark background.