Blogging mirrors the creative process

Well, here I am again… Trying to be a more conscientious blogger! I had actually started writing some blogs which I never published…. I don’t know why. Here is one short one which I first wrote April 26, 2005:

Blogging Mirrors the Creative Process
Blogging really mirrors the creative process of writing for me. Typically full finished works don’t just spring out my typing fingers. No, it’s trial and error. I write stream of consciousness, and then go back and edit, and out of that comes something really good… maybe… sometimes…

I love the movie Adaptation, because it captures that inner dialogue so well, that not only writers but many (all?) creative people go through. What I like about blogging is it allows this inner dialogue to spill out on pages.


It’s Been Awhile

I haven’t written in this blog for some months. Actually, since the day I started it. Here I am promising myself to do better…

Been writing a lot lately actually. And realize I need to write on this blog regularly, or the few who might stumble across it will give up on ever coming back. Maybe this needs to be my weekly practice?

So far have done very little to promote the blog — haven’t even told my friends or family or colleagues of it’s existence. Or if I have, I’ve given out minimal information. I guess I’m perhaps wanting to touch a different audience than I typically do. But then again, if I don’t write in it much what audience will I touch? And if I don’t do anything to enable the audience to find me?

But maybe that’s what I want? Just a place to go and type for a phantom audience. Not knowing if it exists or not. I can write as if the entire world were my audience (or at least the entire internet-surfing world), but also write for myself alone. Perhaps that would be where the best writing would come?