It’s Been Awhile

I haven’t written in this blog for some months. Actually, since the day I started it. Here I am promising myself to do better…

Been writing a lot lately actually. And realize I need to write on this blog regularly, or the few who might stumble across it will give up on ever coming back. Maybe this needs to be my weekly practice?

So far have done very little to promote the blog — haven’t even told my friends or family or colleagues of it’s existence. Or if I have, I’ve given out minimal information. I guess I’m perhaps wanting to touch a different audience than I typically do. But then again, if I don’t write in it much what audience will I touch? And if I don’t do anything to enable the audience to find me?

But maybe that’s what I want? Just a place to go and type for a phantom audience. Not knowing if it exists or not. I can write as if the entire world were my audience (or at least the entire internet-surfing world), but also write for myself alone. Perhaps that would be where the best writing would come?


2 thoughts on “It’s Been Awhile

  1. Hey benwillis4100. I did check out your blog. What a great job! I love the national parks, and it really sickens me when I see people littering. I noticed you don’t have a place to put comments. Is that because of the spammers? I just deleted some spam comments and changed my settings to have comments become moderated (that means they don’t post unless I approve them).

    There is also another setting that makes commenters manually type in a word. Since many times the spam is automated, entering the word puts a manual step in the process and filters many spammers out. Just thought I would let you know in case you weren’t aware.

    Anyway would have posted my thoughts on your blog, but since no place for comments hopefully you’ll check back here… Sorry to take so long to respond… I’m promising myself once again to be a more consciencious blogger!


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