What’s Happening with this Blog?

I created this blog to explore themes of creativity and the creative process. Since that time I have created a website for my business.  Eventually, I plan to integrate this blog with my website, but currently that is a lower priority than spending time in my studio, and completing projects for website clients.

I’ve pulled most of the content here because so much of it was me wending my way though the noise I mentioned in the one post I left here.  I may eventually edit and repost some of the content, but for now just just enjoy my pottery website, click on Muddart Studios to be directed to my website.


Recovering from a Lifetime of Noise

2017-06-11-19-19-09.jpgOf late my days have been freer to wander on the farm, work in my studio, and write. I’ve been having an experience, especially after a long walk, where I sit in the shade, and just listen to the many sounds around me – the chatter of birds, the wind, the distant dog bark, a car passing on the road, a plane overhead – but my soul is quiet within me, my mind is at rest. In those moments, I feel like some great healing is taking place, and that my life has been filled with noise for a very long time.